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RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.19 Portable [Updated]




. Category:Free software programmed in Java (programming language) Category:Typesetting software Category:Vector graphics editors Category:Java platform software Category:Proprietary commercial software for LinuxIn the United States, the economic recession that began in December 2007 is now in its eighth year. In most countries around the world, governments have launched massive fiscal stimulus packages, including tax cuts, increased government spending and monetary stimulus, to stimulate their economies. Even Europe has responded by pumping a total of about $2.3 trillion into the economies of Ireland, Greece and Portugal. This massive response by governments has been a key element in alleviating the effects of the global economic crisis that has battered financial markets and sent unemployment spiraling ever higher. But it may not be enough. While economic growth has been tepid at best, other signs suggest that the global economy is entering a new phase of recession. One such warning signal is the volatility of the 10-year U.S. treasury bond yield. While the yield has decreased somewhat from its peak in June 2008, it has recovered only to where it was in June 2007. This is a strong indication that the U.S. economy is experiencing some difficulties in restarting its economy, as suggested by the decline in the stock market. The international bond market, which has been the source of so much of the liquidity pumped into the U.S. and global economies in recent years, also appears to be cooling down. As reported by the WSJ, foreign investors have been unloading U.S. Treasuries, and not just domestic ones. According to data provided by the Bloomberg bond index, foreign bond holdings in U.S. Treasuries have fallen more than $500 billion from their peak in June 2008. The decline in foreign bond holdings, which is an indication of a slowing appetite for U.S. Treasuries, is another warning sign that the U.S. economy is slowing. Bond yields tend to rise when economies slow, and vice versa. The fact that foreign investors are continuing to sell U.S. Treasuries despite the fact that U.S. bond yields have decreased recently suggests that they believe the U.S. economy is unlikely to recover anytime soon. The possibility that the U.S. is heading for a double-dip recession, with growth slumping further than the first quarter, is another reason they are not buying Treasuries. The U.S



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RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.19 Portable [Updated]

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